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pag 100 refrigerant oil sds 99: PAG 128 — 128/23. ICE32 ® Lubricant Enhancer: advanced chemistry to help extend compressor life and improve cooling capacity. l. 3 Lubricants Page 4 1. ca VIEW SDS. The PGWI Series are fully synthetic lubricants formulated with superior polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based oils. Emergency Telephone (24 hr. 12 (354. 92707 Hybrid Compressor Oil. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Description: Sanden PAG 100 oil 8. No. In with the new. refrigerant) were determined over the temperature range 0 to IOO•C (32 to 212"F) or to the critical temperature of refrigerant, and pressure range 0 to 3,500 kPa (0 500 psia). Product Name: Kia Pag Oil, 6 x 8oz Case Other means of identification Product Code: 32451271-95600C020 Synonyms Not available 1. ®. 2 Allowable refrigerant charge Page 7 2. oz. The new refrigerant type uses ND-oil 12, also a PAG 46 oil but with additives specifically for the R1234yf type refrigerant. Consult with compressor or vehicle manufacturer for exact lubricant type and capacity. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of the substance/mixture : Oil Charge 1. 624. Sep 24, 2017 · The new universal R-1234yf refrigerant PAG oil comes in the same 8 oz. (The law requires you to leak-test before topping up refrigerant) The factory pre-filled Concertina cartridge collapses as the liquid is forced out by back pressure or drawn out by vacuum. Store in accordance with Feb 05, 2020 · PAG Refrigeration Oil ISO 150, high-viscosity oil approved for John Deere/Delco type compressors or other compressors requiring an ISO 150 oil. ): CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300 Volkswagen Sanden SD / SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5-6 148-177 Volkswagen Sanden SDV SP10 PAG 46 4 118 Volvo Seiko Seiki SS S10X PAG 46 5-6 148-177 Volvo Sanden SD / SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5-6 148-177 This chart is meant only as a quick reference for PAG Oil usage specifications. 9: 195: 293/560-39/-38: 1. Premium polyalkylene glycol (PAG) in three viscosity grades for R-134a systems, provides superior protection against compressor wear and prevents lubricant breakdown even under extreme conditions. Sanden PAG Oil Specifications. gov. We Also Recommend. Oct 13, 2017 · PAG oil, or Polyalkylene Glycol, is a fully synthetic hygroscopic oil specifically designed for automotive air conditioner compressors. FUCHS RENISO refrigeration oils for virtually all refrigerants e. Warning: This product may expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 0 Revision Date: 27. View Details SDS (Safety Data Sheet) For your convenience we have gathered the most comprehensive list of Safety Data Sheets as made available by our suppliers. Description Synthetic refrigeration oil based on special polyalkylene glycols (PAG) for automotive air conditioning units with R134a. . These numbers refer to the viscosity of the oil, similar to […] 800-80133 -Oil PAG 100 8oz Bottle (12Per Case) OEM- | Refrigerant Oil, Vacuum Pump Oil, Dye And Flush -PAG OIL| Best quality, perfect fit, OEM replacement aftermarket AC Compressor Kit, Condenser, Evaporator, Accumulator, Drier, Eaton EZ Clip Fitting, Splicer, Hose, Refrigerant Oil, Vacuum Pump Oil, Condenser Fan Assemblies, Relay, Switch for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural & industrial LUBRICANTS Syndustrial® PAG Compressor Oil Typical Properties ISO Grade 46 68 100 150 Specific Gravity @ 60°F 1. This all-in-one solution cools the vehicle's interior fast with cold, dry air. DENSO uses ND-oil 8 for its R134a type refrigerant compressors, a PAG 46 oil. Multi compressor packs & special systems Fuchs refrigeration machine oil PAG 100 can 0,25L refrigerant and oil industry has PAG 100 w Dye 32 fl oz Premium synthetic PAG (Polyalkylene glycol) lubricant and leak detector Features: ISO viscosity 100 Contains conditioners, inhibitors and anti-wear agents for superior lubricity and compressor protection Contains UV dye for leak detection Specially formulated O. 1200. Second Product name. Caterpillar refrigerant capacity chart In order to plot a PH chart, we need to take only Trade name : SANTECH PAG OIL CHARGE 4 OZ. Fill Size: 8 OZ. Identification Product identifier PAG Refrigerant Compressor Oil Other means of identification FIR No. 1. Via Grazia Deledda 72 10060 Candiolo (To) Italia. 2014 Date of first issue: 11. Product Features. 313 A/C Recharge kit w/gauge Part No. n. 2 Refrigerant properties Page 4 1. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet which a PAG-based lubricant is used, as well as for HC (hydrocarbon) or CO2 refrigerant fluid applications. John Deere provides you high-quality PAG oils that meet original-equipment supplier specifications and are designed to last the Cetus® PAG is a synthetic compressor oil based on polyalkylene glycol. Standard Pack: 1 ea. PAG Refrigeration Oil ISO 46, low-viscosity oil is the only oil approved by Denso for John Deere/Denso type compressors. Available Products. CO2, NH3, R22, R1234yf or R134a. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet R-134a PAG Oil • PAG oil charge with O-ring conditioner • Compatible with all R-134a systems • One can delivers a total system oil charge 10. 5053 Outside the U. Petroleum products [Enter a "%" in the product box - click search for a list of all MSDSs] C&D Technologies Powercom Division Batteries CAM2 Oil Products Company Oils, antifreeze, and Material Safety Data Sheets. 46 / Piece. With UV Dye. Sanden compressor oil can be purchased from authorized Sanden distributors. 9) For high voltage electric A/C compressors (Fig. 4140 Fax: 815. Search by Manufacturer or Category; if you do not find an SDS that you require, use our contact page to request a more information regarding this sheet. Capella® WF oils are designed for use as refrigeration Robinair 16916 REFRIGERANT IDENTIFIER O2 SENSOR REPLACEMENT, : Shop and save at ohcanadasupply. These numbers refer to the viscosity of the oil RENISO - Refrigeration oils based on Mineral Oil, PAG, PAO or POE. Warning values for used oils The listed oils SHC226E (PAO) and B‍S‍G‍6‍8‍K (PAG) are categorized as group KE according to DIN51503, Part 1. Cetus EliteSyn NG is a PAG (polyalkylene glycol) based natural gas compressor oil formulated for use in rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. 46. Super-premium dyed PAG refrigerant oil specially formulated for R134a A/C systems • OEM-approved fluorescent dye formula • Works with any standard leak detection lamp • Superior R134a miscibility, with enhanced lubricity and stability • Excellent anti-wear properties • 100 cSt viscosity • 32 oz. 2495 PAG Oil 100 w/Dye - 12 x 8 oz bottles: Used in R134A refrigerant systems leak detection. Detailed Description. (240 ml) tubes just as the previous refrigerant PAG oil. Medium viscosity PAG oil for R-134a auto A/C systems; ISO 100 viscosity. 1: 201: 293/560-39/-38: 1. 2487 PAG Oil 100 - 12 x 8 oz bottles: For use in R134A refrigerant systems. 632544001 SECTION 1. This site provides public access to information on chemical aftermarket products. 75 Product Name: AC Delco Compressor Service Oil PAG-ND12, 6 X 8OZ Cartridges Other means of identification Product Code: 3424025-062 Synonyms Not available 1. • Compatible with mineral, ester, parrafin and PAG oils. those manufactured by SANDEN 2487 PAG Oil 100 8 oz. All of the information on the SDS must be oil based lubricant systems is a primary factor in the selection of a synthetic lubricant, and PAG technology broadly predominates due to the excellent lubricity, stability, system compatibility and wide temperature operating range which is afforded by this type of base fluid. 58. View/Download. MSDS Link. 2 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Recommended Use Refrigerant Oil Uses advised against No information available 1. 99. Manufactured from industry-leading materials using up-to-date equipment, it ensures PAG Oil 100 Quart. 8 Refrigerant R-12 R-12 Freon™ 134a Freon™ 134a Freon™ 134a Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V has high solvency and is designed to maintain refrigerant cleanliness and efficiency. Certificate Of Conformance : Available ** call to request **. May 09, 2018 · Product Overview. R-134A Refrigerant Oil; PAG-100; 32 Ounce; Medium Viscosity Oil For R-134a Systems ISO 100 medium viscosity; Meets OEM specifications PAG Oil with UV DYE detects leaks with any leak detection system; Not for use in hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt driven (electric driven) compressor. S. 1 Refrigerant selection Page 3 1. 1-2. Price: Log In. 100 VISCOSITY PAG Caltech Industries, Inc. Oils , Products. Material Safety Data Sheet May 22, 2006 Dallas, Texas 480 Quest R-134A Universal PAG 100 Oil, 8 fl oz 2 SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES Inhalation: Inhalation under normal exposure should not cause problems; however if inhalation has resulted in symptoms, move patient to fresh air. • 1 quart. VMRS (ATA) CODES. Oct 11, 2016 · With R-134a, there are primarily three different viscosities of PAG oil being used: PAG 46, which is the most popular viscosity oil; PAG 100, which is also common; and PAG 150, which is not often used, but it is still required for a certain compressor used in some GM vehicles from the ‘90s to the early 2000s. Click For 360° Product View. As PAG Oils are hygroscopic, cans do not have a long shelf life once opened. Best Performance Favorite Price ND-8 ND-9 Oil Refrigerant Oil Made in China. Trade Name: PAG 100 Oil Charge with 134a. What Daimler probably had happen was the (combustible) mineral oil compressor lubricant caught fire after hitting something hot, and the flame from the burning oil caused the refrigerant to break down into nasty stuff. Shielded Metal Arc Welding Low Hydrogen Low Alloy Steel. Identification of the preparation PAG OIL ISO 46 for HFO 1234YF 250ML 11. The SP-15 PAG Oil 8. Cliplight 511101 100V Oil Plus Dye - 8 oz. FIRST AID MEASURES ISO Viscosity Grade 100 Viscosity (40°C) 100 cSt Specific Gravity 1. Min. Sign in to view price. Developed with premium performance fully synthetic gas compressor lubricant formulated with Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and designed for use in enclosed pattern gas compressors where the crankcase and bearings operate in a hydrocarbon or chemical gas-filled atmosphere by most passenger and commercial vehicles intended for the refrigerant R134a . r. They are available in PAG 46 and PAG 100 ISO viscosity grades and in a variety of pack sizes, from 5-liter cans to IBCs and iso tanks. Uniweld. A. Composition: Base Oil. Part Number: 59002. If you wish to change the market please choose another country from the list above. KEY BENEFITS. (946ml) bottle Save on Certified A/C Pro R-134a PAG 100 Medium Viscosity Refrigerant Oil With UV Dye (32 fl. 45oz is designed for use with R-134a Sanden Compressors. 04 1. and aftermarket air conditioning systems using R134a refrigerant Application: For R-134A systems. It replaces lost refrigerant and oil in automotive air conditioning system. 301 A/C Recharge & retrofit kit Part No. ELKE S. com. Synonyms: None. For Use with R-134a Only. 10), use only POE (Polyolester) refrigerant oil (GM PN 88862657, U. 58 8. Made in the USA. RPE-32 , RPE-46 , RPE-68 , RPE-100 , RPE-120 , RPE-170 , RPE-220. 92709-46 PAG 46 Oil. PAG 100 Refrigerant Oil - Premium - NTC 409502: Available online or at your local NAPA Auto Parts store. O. 0292 Section 2. 99: PAG 90 — 90/17. PAG oil, or Polyalkylene Glycol, is a fully synthetic hygroscopic oil specifically designed for automotive air conditioner compressors. 48 Centistokes. These sheets are available for all Valvoline products, and the database is searchable by either the Product Name or Product Number. Visit SDS. LTD. and Canada - +1 352. We've had reports that ESTER oil used in GM compressors that specify ISO 135 may experience unusual knocking sounds. Units Amount Refrigerant Oil-Pag Oil Four Seasons 59002 - 12 Month 12,000 Mile Warranty New. Prop65. Neither HCFC-22 nor R134a are flammable at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure and as such are not likely to be involved in starting a fire [11]. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet SANTECH INDUSTRIES, INC. ISO grade 32, 68. 03 1. FJC PAG 100 Oil can be used in R-134a mobile A/C systems requiring 100 centistokes viscosity PAG oil. Although PAG oils have long been used as industrial lubricants, recent work has led to the development of PAG lubricants for use in equipment in the food processing industry. Product Use: Refrigerant Oil Manufacturer Information Apollo America 701 Port Road Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Phone: (812) 284-3300 Fax: (812) 284-6840 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are documents required for specific products by United States Federal Law 29 CFR 1910. +39 011 9625620 The update also brings with it a new type of compressor oil for workshops and suppliers to be aware of. UNSPSC CODES. 3 mm. Concertina adds measured amounts of Glo-Leak UV test fluid, PAG oil, Ester oil or other lubricants, without degassing, and without adding refrigerant. 0 Safety design and construction Page 7 2. If it is suspected that gas or vapor is still present, the rescuer should wear an appropriate mask or self-contained breathing apparatus. Less product in the system. Idemitsu Hermetic Oil 134a, using the unique PAG technology, is much more stable with R134a refrigerant than ordinary PAG or Polyolester (POE), particularly in the presence of high temperatures, pressure or moisture. Engineered with compressor OEMs' factory-fill quality technology, specifically for swashplate and scroll type automotive A/C compressors where HFC (R134a) refrigerant is used. EXTREME ULTRA locates the refrigerant gas leaks and permanently seals them, without reacting to moisture and oxygen. PAG 100 CASTROL. : 632544001 CITGEAR® PAG 150 Mixture. PAG Refrigeration Oil ISO 150, high-viscosity oil approved for John Deere/Delco type compressors or other compressors requiring an ISO 150 oil. valvoline. 05 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A/C PAG Oil ISO 100 is a low viscosity refrigerant oil for R-134A. 00: PAG 650 — 130/21. Only use Sanden compressor oil. High refrigerant concentration data (80, 90 and 100 weight percent refrigerant) is given covering -40 to +40 Celsius in most cases. A/C PAG OIL ISO 100 INFOTRAC U. SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5-6 148-177 Volkswagen Sanden SDV SP10 PAG 46 4 118 Volvo Seiko Seiki SS S10X PAG 46 5-6 148-177 Volvo Sanden SD / SD7 SP20 PAG 100 5-6 148-177 This chart is meant only as a quick reference for PAG Oil usage specifications. 333 Leakstop A/C seal treatment 4oz Part No. Refrigerant Type. Percent Refrigerant in Mixture Oil Type 30% 60% 90% 500 SUS Naphthenic 2 phase 2 phase 2 phase 500 SUS Paraffinic 2 phase 2 phase 2 phase 125 SUS Dialkylbenzene 2 phase 2 phase 2 phase 300 SUS Alkylbenzene 2 phase 2 phase 2 phase 165 SUS PAG –50 to >93* –50 to >93 –50 to 73 525 SUS PAG –50 to >93 –40 to 35 –23 to –7 PAG - 100 (Medium Viscosity) developed as a "universal" in PAG systems using R-134A. 4 Materials Page 5 1. Trade Name: PAG 100 Oil Charge with 134a MSDS NO. Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download PDF. PRODUCT PACKAGING. Density at 15 °C 996 kg/m³ Flash point cleveland 240 °C Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C 120 mm²/s Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C 21. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Seamer Oil FG-220 DOWNLOAD. Self-fluxing Aluminum Buildup. PAG oil with 100 weight percent oxypropylene groups are water insoluble; whereas those with 50 to 75 weight percent oxyethylene are water soluble at ambient temperatures. Product code : MT3027 1. 053-999-011. Equivalent to factory fill. It may be dangerous to the person E F Products, Inc. g. 323. 3500 Product code :8434100000. DIN 51503: KAB, KD, KE. MSDS No. Viscosity @ 40ºC. Sanden sells SP-15 (part #7803-1996) oil through authorized distributors. Packaging: 6/CASE. · Extended maintenance intervals Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V has excellent high temperature and oxidation stability providing long service life even where high compressor discharge temperatures are found. Coolmax PAG 4455 is a special OEM formulated cool compressor oil for use in Friotherm cool compressors which operate on a 134a HFC refrigerant gas. All information contained herein is the property of Imperial Supplies LLC, and is published here for your use only. HCFC R-22 is also being phased out, but may be used in new production until 2010. 5 General system components Page 5 2. No filter selected 3M™ Adhesion promoter 4298 (part of kit) 3M™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer Part A 3M™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer Part B 3M™ Primer 94 (part of kit) 3M™ Scothweld DP 8005 Part A 3M™ Scothweld DP 8005 Part B 3M™ VHB™ Cleaning Sachets (part of kit) 6R ATF Additive [0. Also suitable for hydrocarbon applications. All PAG oils are not equal in quality. 957. 05. First aid measures Protection of first-aiders :No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable training. Cross Reference: 2401001, 7803-1996, 8248 Description. 92709-YF Zerol HD46 R1234yf Mobile Air Conditioning Lubricant. Type: Adhesive. Special anti-wear additives extend system life and improve performance. PAG oil YF is suitable for both of the refrigerants R1234yf and R134a PAG Oil SP-A2 for refrigerant R1234yf and R134a For use in electrical compressors, e. 66 8. 57 fl. Click Image To View Larger Image. #UVW488100P. Viscosity: 100. Capella® P. E. The solubility of the refrigerant in the lubricant will depend not only on the inherent behaviour of the refrigerant/lubricant mixture but also on the pressure level: the higher the pressure, the higher the solubility and the greater the decrease in viscosity. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Click for MSDS pdf file. Always refer to your vehicle manual to determine the correct oil for your vehicle. 45oz. and Canada - 800. 2. Idemitsu Hermetic Oil (PAG) 134A. 04. 25174204. Any reproduction or distribution of this information without prior written consent from Imperial Supplies LLC is strictly prohibited. PAG Oil /100. 401 PAG 46 Oil – 8oz #23318 PAG 46 Oil w/dye – 8oz #23325 PAG 100 Oil – 8oz #23332 PAG 100 Oil w/dye – 8oz #23356 PAG 100 Oil – Q #23349 PAG 150 Oil – 8oz #23363 Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil UCON RO-W-6602* Mobil EAL Arctic 32** Castrol Icematic SW 100** Oil Viscosity, cSt at 40 °C (104 °F) 30. 4. Note: Sanden SP-15 MSDS sheet. Healthcare disinfectants [Click on product to find MSDS] Cal-Tek Industries Steamite alkalite cleaner Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd. 2012 4 / 9 7. Box 3758 Tulsa, OK 74102 BITZER BSE170 lubricant oil MSDS Download Sevron prevent the leakage of refrigerant oil and Refrigerant 1 3 8 35 mm 1 3 8 R134a lubricant OILCODE PAG 46 ND 8 68, 100, 150. PRODUCT NAME: Masterchem PAG 100 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Compressor Lubricant MANUFACTURER global parts distributors, llc 3279 Avondale Mill Road Macon, GA 31216 Emergency Phone: 1-800-722-5089 24 HR. suitable for use with R1234yf, but can also be used with the refrigerant R134a. TY22101. Tel. 3. In this case, PAG 150 is generally accepted by most technicians. FOB Price: US $ 2. com Emergency telephone 91050-600 R600a Refrigerant. PAG 100 Oil with ICE32. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Meets OEM specifications. US Seller. When looking at PAG oil you will notice various numbers such as PAG46 or PAG100. 05 Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 8. (Fig. #6342 | Pkg Qty:12 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Catalog; "Double-End-Capped" PAG is a patented lubricant uniquely formulated for automotive A/C systems. EXTREME ULTRA is a polymer-free solution that repairs leaks up to 0. Refrigerator compressor oils designed for maximum wear protection. FJC - PAG 100 Synthetic Refrigerant Oil with Fluorescent Dye, Green, 8oz Bottle - 1409156 SDS Search Torrent Product Solutions Welding & Metal Repair Solutions Sanden Compressor Oil. 92709-65 PAG 65 Oil. 0 mm²/s VI 202 Pourpoint -45 °C Product identifier PAG Refrigerant Compressor Oil Other means of identification SDS Information 1-800-448-2063 (USA and Canada) fordsds. It is my shop’s “compromise” oil that has been determined to work in everything, using the logic that since they sell PAG 50, 100, and 150, then the 100 must work in everything because it’s the one in the middle. Application: Chemicals & Lubricants. Extol SRO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 170, 200, 220 CIMCO A Oil (API GROUP II) Extol HDT-68 C Oil (NAPHTHENIC) Extol HDT-46 or Extol AB-46 D Oil (NAPHTHENIC) Extol HDT-32 or Extol AB-32 CITGO NORTHSTAR 54 Extol HDT-68 CONOCO-PHILLIPS REFRIGERANT OIL 46 Extol PSR 46 or HDT-46 REFRIGERANT OIL 68 Extol PSR 68 or HDT-68 SYNCON REFRIGERATION OIL Extol PSR Product Description: Automotive Refrigerant Lubrication Oil Name: 480 Quest R-134A Universal PAG 100 Oil, 8 fl oz (Standard package contains 8 fl oz) Product Code: 480 MSDS Date: 05-22-06 Supersedes: 05-18-06 SECTION 2: COMPOSITION AND INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS No. Distillates, (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy naphthenic 64742-44-5 100% *no hazardous ingredients COMMON NAMES AND SYNONYMS Mineral Oil/Refrigerant Oil There are no stabilizers or impurities that contribute to the classification of the material identified in section 2 4. ca. FJC REFRIGNT OIL PAG 100. Part #: BSM 326004. Tel: 815. ) P-100UVQT at Advance Auto Parts. Refrigerant CFC R-12 (Table 9) is being phased out and has not been legal for use in new production since 1996. OE Viscosity Synthetic PAG Oil. 40°C / 100°C Viscosity Index Flash Point °C / °F Pour Point °C / °F Specific Gravity; PAG 62 — 62/11: 178: 288/550-44/-48: 0. For more information go to www. SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. PAG 100 w/o Dye. Add to wishlist. Assortment. FJC PAG 100 Synthetic Refrigerant with Fluorescent Dye. Do not substitute other oil types in Sanden compressors. ISO 68. 9 TUAS LINK 1, SINGAPORE 638587 2) HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Oils for R290: Refrigerant pressure depending on the oil temperature and the refrigerant content (mass % of refrigerant in oil-refrigerant blend). SP-10. 1401 VALLEY VIEW LANE IRVING, TX 75061 T 817-589-1212 1. They are miscible with all HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs and blends. Source: Liquid Mineral Lubricants. As Recommended by OE and Compressor Manufacturers. Note: SP-20 Replaced by SP-15. Synthetic Refer oil?. 2016 SDS Number: 641098-00001 Date of last issue: 04. These cartridges are designed to be used with oil injection tool GE-45037. • One oil for all applications - reduce inventory, only one A/C refrigerant oil needed. :Industrial applications: Refrigeration. Part Number. A/C Refrigerant Oil. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Product Number CAS Number 632544001 Revision Date 02/18/2004 Synthetic lubricant Reactivity HMIS * = Chronic Health Hazard CITGO Petroleum Corporation P. POE oil 100 Version 3. 7 125 134 29. Auto Master Leak Shield (53909, 53910) Concentrated Dye (53825, 53810, 53625, 92699, 92708, 92732) Ester Oil (53827, 92710, 92712) PAG 100 Oil / PAG 150 Oil (53826, 92709-100, 92709-150) ZEROL HD lubricants are PAG oils that have been designed to meet the needs of electrically driven compressors utilizing R1234yf as a refrigerant. PAG (ISO) 100 - Medium; PAG (ISO) 150 - Thick; GM sometimes recommends oil which is close to ISO 135. Universal Pag Oil, 8 ounce Bottle. 5 OZ QST POC-6 g Interdynamics Medium Viscosity R-134a PAG Oil Charge • PAG medium (100) viscosity oil charge • Meets or exceeds all OE specs QUART QST P-100UVQT Interdynamics CA-1 SDS and regulations . Property: High and Low Temperature Lubricating Oil. 173919 Recommended use Lubricant for R-134a refrigerant-containing system Buy PAG 100 Refrigerant Oil - Premium - TEM 409502 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. According to federal law, chemical manufacturers, importers or distributors must provide a SDS for each hazardous chemical to downstream users to communicate information on the hazards. 409513 Revision Date: 10/9/2008 Page 1 of 4 1. Dec 30, 2013 · December 30th, 2013 at 4:54 pm; Derek, as I understand it the SAE has tested 1234yf and found the refrigerant itself to not be flammable. PAG oils are identified using numbers which show their viscosity (46,100,150). • Prevents acid from forming and inhibits corrosion while lubricating system. CITGO CITGEAR® SYNTHETIC PAG 100 Section 4. Oil Type. SDS # :1764 Product use: For professional use only. 5: 217: 290/555-42/-44: 0. Capella® WF. FJC - PAG 100 Synthetic Refrigerant Oil, Amber, 8oz Bottle, Suitable for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems - KT14223 JavaScript is disabled in your browser which limits the functionality of the website. 2 Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities Requirements for storage areas and containers : Keep in properly labelled containers. For HFC R134a refrigerant based systems ZEROL PAG Summit’s RPE Series fully synthetic refrigeration lubricants were designed for use in refrigeration compressors using R-134A and other HFCs as the refrigerant. 535. Description CAS Reg. Because the solubility of these gases in Cetus PAG is low, the oil maintains its viscosity, unlike mineral oil base lubricants which will Pure 1% Thoriated, 2% Thoriated, Rare Earth, Lanthanated, Ceriated & Zirconiated Tungsten. Super Premium™ PAG-100 R134a Refrigerant Oil by Supercool®. It is designed for use in reciprocating compressors for chemical and hydro-carbon gases, including natural gases such as LNG and LPG. A/C Pro Ultra Synthetic A/C Recharge R-134a will bring back cold air in 3 easy steps. 029YF Preparation use Compressor lubricant. 00: PAG 180 — 180/31: 201: 293/560-39/-38: 1. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. Part Number: 6816-6. Lubricants Chemtool Incorporated 801 West Rockton Road Rockton, IL 61072 U. PRODUCT BENEFITS • Provides superior protection against compressor wear • Prevents lubrication breakdown • Provides hydrodynamic, elasto-hydrodynamic, boundary, and extreme Product Details. Order: 100 Pieces. Most Ester oils have a viscosity closer to ISO 100. P65Warnings. 3 Flammable properties of hydrocarbons Page 9 Below is a list of Sanden compressor types and the refrigerant oil that was factory installed in each type. Contact Dealer VMRS Code Breakdown (053-999-039) The American Trucking Association’s Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS) is a set of codes used to track equipment and maintenance within the fleet/transportation industry. • The most technologically advanced R-134a and R-12 oil on the market today. Register and benefit! If you are looking for high-quality oils, then the SCHIESSL team is here for you! Register now to access our huge online shop with more than 33,000 items from the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Company ELKE S. , and 88862658 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Seamer Oil FG-100 DOWNLOAD. 4 108. FJC Universal Pag Oil R134a Synthetic Refrigerant Oil Replaces OE Oils - PAG 46, PAG 100 & PAG 150 For use with : R12 & R134a Refrigerants Contains: Synthetic PAG $8. Ship Weight: 0. #3201-1996. Product Overview. These premium lubricants are designed for use in compressors and vacuum pumps compressingpolar gases, such as NH3, CO2, and propane. FJC - PAG 100 Synthetic Refrigerant Oil with Fluorescent Dye, Green, 8oz Bottle (Pack of 1) Item#: 1409156. +39 011 9622412 Fax n. Chemical Family: Refrigerant gas/lubricant. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in theCompatibility Table PAG Oil with Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye (Quart) Fjc Pag 100 Synthetc Refrigerant Oil 8 Oz. CITGEAR® PAG 150 Synthetic lubricant; Gear oil; CITGO® Material Code No. (17 mL)] 6R ATF Additive T May 19, 2015 · The A/C service machine at work is furnished with PAG 100 only. Bottle 12 oz Reinhibitor- Case of 24 A/C Refrigerant 6oz Part No. Specially designed refrigeration oil for car air-conditioning systems with fluorinated refrigerants and is suitable for R1234yf. For Mobile A/C Systems. Denso 10S PAG 46 Sanden TR PAG 46 Zexel DCV PAG 100 Denso 6C PAG 46 Sanden TRF PAG 46 Zexel DKP PAG 100 Denso 6CA PAG 46 Sanden TRS PAG 46 Zexel DKV PAG 100 Denso 6E PAG 46 Zexel DCW PAG 46 Calsonic V5 PAG 150 Denso 6P PAG 46 Zexel DKS PAG 46 GM A6 PAG 150 Denso 6SB PAG 46 Zexel TM PAG 46 GM HR/HT PAG 150 Denso 7SB PAG 46 Bosch Axial PAG 100 GM Description. 1 General safety issues Page 7 2. 00 SDS Page 1/7 Issued on January 3rd 2017 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1) CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME : R-134a OTHER NAME : 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane USE : Refrigerant Gas SUPPLIER : Global Refrigerants (s) PTE. Refrigerant Oil; PAG 100; UVW488100P . Benefits: Only 6ml can treat A/C & Refrigeration Systems up to 21 KW (6 tons) New advanced formula. It is used in R-134a air conditioning systems to lubricate the compressor. Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty. 12 Carrier Poe 68 Refrigerant Oil Msds LUBRICANTS FOR AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION BY C V April 11th, 2019 - MINERAL OIL Miscible with old refrigerants POE 68 Polyol Ester POE – Viscosity 68 Checking of PDS AND MSDS Amazon com poe oil for refrigeration April 16th, 2019 - Amazon com poe oil for refrigeration P903 1625 Carrier 3MA POE Oil Polyolester oil Emkarate Polyolester oil for CO 2 Emkarate RL 68 HB PAG' ' Material Safety Data Sheet Sabroe June 20th, 2018 - SDS REG GHS SABROE S68 REFRIGERATION OIL DR 1 8 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1 Identification Of The Substance Or Mixture And Of The A Safety Data Sheet or SDS contains safety and treatment information for a Valvoline™ product. PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) oil, is a synthetic oil specifically designed to lubricate R-134a automotive air conditioner compressors. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CHEMTREC: 800-424-9300 Page 1 of 4 Date Prepared : 12/1/2014 - SDS No : 0028 LAND SPILL: Prevent contamination of the soil. Click to see SDS. 9) 6. 57 CAD. This rule applies to CO 2 and to POE, PAO and PAG oils. $28. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Seamer Oil FG-150 DOWNLOAD. pag 100 refrigerant oil sds

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